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  Track Systems


SureHands Lift Systems

Wherever there is a need for a practical and innovative approach to safe transfers and care, there is a wide variety of equipment that is available for you to consider. 

Ceiling track systems offer the ability to drop down anywhere you desire. Installation can be done into any flat or vaulted ceiling, but some modifications may be necessary. The vertical motor allows you to lift the user above a bed, and will even lower them to the floor. If you choose to add a lateral drive motor to the system, the remote will have buttons for all directions.


When a Track is installed you have to consider several factors that may limit the locations a track can run. Doors, for example need to be at least 8' high for the track to get enough lift height. Since most doors are 7' tall we will have to either get a new door or replace the existing one with a taller door.


The Motor charges in a set location. Just park the lift at the chargeing location along the track and it will be ready to go at any time.

Multi-Directional Switches

Switches give the track the option of going in multiple directions. You can add a "Point" to your track to give it 2 directional functionality. A Turntable will allow 4 locations to accessible and can be used in tight spaces. These switches are controlled by wired and wireless remotes.

Infra-Red Wireless Remotes

At SureHands we understand that any additional strings are wires hanging down from the track are a safety hazard as well as a pain to maneuver around. SureHands has Motors with wireless remotes and the ability to move the lift along the track with a drive motor. The Multidirectional switches are also remotely controlled with the same remote.


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