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SureHands Lift Systems

Wherever there is a need for a practical and innovative approach to safe transfers and care, there is a wide variety of equipment that is available for you to consider. 

Ceiling track systems offer the ability to drop down anywhere you desire. Installation can be done into any flat or vaulted ceiling, but some modifications may be necessary. The vertical motor allows you to lift the user above a bed, and will even lower them to the floor. If you choose to add a lateral drive motor to the system, the remote will have buttons for all directions.

Mobile lifts are by far the most recognized lifting device available. They have the ability to roll into most areas of the home and are commonly used to transfer from bed to chair, chair to toilet, and chair to chair. The down side to mobiles is that they are difficult to move on carpet, and the fixed legs will not allow you to transfer into a bath tub or any area without a 4 clearance underneath.

Wall Lifts are an innovative way to reach those areas with inadequate floor space, and for reaching into tubs and through narrow doorways. The arm of the lift is attached to the wall or standing support pole and can swivel back and forth swinging the user over the area of transfer.

Pool Systems come in many shapes and sizes, and are adaptable to most any type of decking. The SureHands Hydraulic and Electric lifts are the only pool lifts to transfer you directly from your chair to the water and back again. Our seated pool lift is state-of-the-art, and with the portable kit you can move it out of the weather or to another location around the pool. 

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