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  Portable Lifts


Portable lifts are difficult to find. They either are extremely compact and are limited in their features, or are packed with features and not so compact.

Below are some products that have some portability to them.

1640 mobile Lift

A sturdy system for regular use

  • Large lifting range, from the floor to a high bed or treatment table.

  • Ideal for home use with the adjustable-width base which can be adjusted as narrow as 26.4 inches to pass easily through door openings or as wide as 46.8 inches to extend around wide wheelchairs or recliners.

  • Ergonomic handles make it easy to maneuver.

  • Can be used with a SureHands Body Support or SureHands sling.

  • May even be used for ambulation for many adults using the SureHands Body Support or walking harness.

  • Maximum lifting capacity 386 lbs - 440 lbs. (175 kg - 200 kg)

  • Budget friendly lifting system.

Track-To-Track Motor

Portable motor - Take it where you need to go

  • Light and compact (15 lbs /7 kg).
  • Easy to move from floor level. Motor can be hooked or unhooked with the aid of a reacher.
  • Economical: use the same motor with different track sections to complete the patient transfer in various rooms or even different homes. Minimal modifications needed to the structure.
  • Excellent solution for tight spaces.
  • Attractive, does not have to remain hanging, easy to move.
  • Can be used with a SureHands Body Support or SureHands Slings.
  • Option: A cart is available for transporting the portable motor and SureHands Body Support.
Tarzan: a modified version of the SureHands portable motor allows for lifting between two adjoining rooms. Most conventional doorways do not need to be modified.



1640 Mobile



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